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Welcome to 2013

Listen To Yourself

So when was the last time you listened to yourself? We constantly worry about what everyone else is thinking, what the experts tell us to do, what our friends think, our boss, our spouse...

Brooke Castillo's work has greatly impacted my life. Her book, If I'm So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight, helped me lose almost 40 lbs last year. How did I do it? By listening to my body and to myself.

Brooke, along with Byron Katie, introduced me to the idea of asking what I thought. Did I even like that person I was trying to impress? What did I think of my life choices, my food choices, my thought choices?

So the next time you wonder what someone was thinking, tune in to what you are thinking. Ask yourself what you think...

  • about the world
  • about politics
  • about food
  • about your life
  • about your health

Forget what everyone else has to say.

What do you think? What do you feel? What moves you? Inspires you?

To find out, just listen.


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