Why We Do What We Do
What's the point? Who do you think you are anyway?

Just Be Yourself

Being yourself. Sounds easy doesn't it? But what about all those rules in your head? All those judgements and knee jerk reactions to the things people say and the looks people give you.

Whenever you get overwhelmed with what to do...

Whenever you get tired of trying to figure it out, trying to be perfect, trying to be something you are not, of forcing yourself into a mold you do not fit...

Whenever you have more questions than you can grab the answers to...

Just find the silence within yourself and just trust.

And if you struggle with the silence. If you cannot be with yourself in silence, in the moment, in the here and now, just pause.

Then look for a tree, a cat, a baby, a cloud.

Then just imagine if that tree, cat, baby, cloud, bird, snail, blade of grass could whisper to you the very message you need to hear right now.


Even if it seems woo woo and crazy and new agey or stupid. Just listen.

We are surrounded by teachers if we only listened.

And when you realize that every glorious message, delicious sound, fantastic idea that comes across the canvas of your mind is flowing through the filter of YOU...

Then everything is a message and you are the teacher. You will hear what you need to hear.

The answer is you.

Now what is your question?

Snail - Simon Howden








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