Welcome to 2013
Who are you?

Where do you begin?

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It's a new year and there is all this pressure. How in the world do you know where to begin? Do you tackle your health goals? Your career goals? Your personal goals to finally clear the clutter off your writing desk and get to work?

Where do you begin?

First things first, I think it's really important to get to know yourself.

Making a large life change is akin to getting married. It changes everything.

Would you marry someone you just met? Or someone you hadn't even met, but heard good things about? 

Please say no.

How many of you have these dreams and goals so planned out, so elaborately imagined, that you are 100% positive that by achieving these things...

  • writing that novel
  • losing those last 10 pounds
  • meeting that perfect person
  • starting that business
  • getting that awesome new job

that your life will be SO much better than it is now?

Before you get overwhelmed with all those goals you have swimming around in your head, I have some questions for you.

  • That goal to lose weight.... Is it because you really want to, or because your husband has been pressuring you to start working out with him?
  • That masters you feel like you need to get... Do you really want it? Or does it feel like a "should" goal? 
  • That story you want to write... Do you really want to write it? Or you just like the idea of dreaming about characters in your head?
  • That desire to move to China to study martial arts and become the next Jackie Chan... Is that a true longing or something from your past you keep alive on the scraps of memory and desire?
  • That New Year's Resolution... Is it something you even want? Or you just think you want because society, your boss, your mom, the Mayans, or your best friend thinks is best for you?

Before you begin to work on goals, on changing anything about your life, you have to begin at the beginning. And where's that?

  1. Learning about who you are
More on that tomorrow.


Thanks for reading!


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