Sometimes People Disappoint You

Where There's a Way

Have you ever heard the saying "where there's a will there's a way?" I think they have it backwards. If there's a way, you are more often to find the will to do it.

Take my piano compositions. Now that I have my computer cart cleaned off and my midi keyboard is sitting there hooked up and recording software open, I find myself recording little melodies whenever they pop into my head.

Have melodies always popped into my head? Sure. But turning on my digital piano, making sure it's connected, turning on my software, hitting record and running back to the piano... I kind of lost the spontaneity of it.

Mind you I can play much more interesting pieces on the digital piano since it's an almost full sized piano - missing only one octave if I recall. My midi keyboard only has four octaves which limits my creativity. But at least I’m creating. The barrier is gone and the way is clear.

What things in your life do you want to do, but find yourself never getting to? What do you say you want to do more of, but just don’t? Do you want to exercise more? Write more? Spend more time with friends? Get around to that hobby of yours? Or even start a business?

Take a look around at your house. Gaze across your messy office. Ogle the exercise equipment sitting there untouched. Does it call to you? Does it inspire you to create? If not, then clear the space and clean out the clutter.

Stop blaming yourself and your lack of willpower for not getting things done. Make it as easy as possible for you to succeed. Clear the way.

How can you clear space and make way for new creations in your life?


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