Well Being Cards

Well, I  haven't finished "Ask and It Is Given" but I picked up the Well Being Cards that have quotes from the book. Also, the pictures are beautiful. What's funny is that I have the cards with me at work. I often shuffle them at my desk and then randomly look at one. On one side is a short saying such as "seeking acceptance hinders my joy". On the reverse side has a mini paragraph speaking about whatever was on the front side.

I really love the idea of searching for and living in pure joy. That can really mean anything: being joyful. Also, I do believe in sending out your vibration and getting back a similar vibration. I recently interviewed for a new job. The vibration from this possible new position was fantastic. Everyone had this nice vibe. Where I work now, a lot of my co-workers are unhappy and you can tell!

The only thing that stinks about the job I interviewed for is this:
1. I'm really not interested in being someone's admin.
2. The commute is 4 miles farther away than my current job in the city.
3. I'd have to learn something new that I'm not interested in.

My conclusion? I'm going to seek my joy. What are my joys?
1. reading fantasy books
2. playing piano
3. helping people on the computer
4. drawing and doodling and other artsy things
5. writing music - though I haven't done it in ages
6. taking martial arts
7. learning computer stuff
8. working on my self

Really the top three have always been music, art, and writing (oh yeah, I forgot to add writing).  I cycle between the three off and on. Then when I want to get in shape, martial arts comes back. And there's also yoga, too. My body LOVES yoga. Oh, and there's spirituality and stuff (I say stuff a lot). But that almost falls into the working on my self category.

Okay, I'm just rambling. I'll write more later.

Ask and It Is Given

The latest book I just bought it Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Lately I've just drawn to books like these. What some people don't like about these kinds of books is their "froo-froo" or feel good "woo woo" qualities. So, I think I've decided what I'm going to dedicate this blog to. I'm going to read all these neat books, do reviews, and then apply the principles to my experience.

Then, I'm going to post it to my blog.

I've just started Ask and It Is Given, so when I start applying some of the principles, I'll let you know.

Trust Your Vibes

I've been reading Sonia Choquette's latest book, Trust Your Vibes. There's a huge feel good quality about it. I've always been into psychic stuff, nothing too kooky. But trusting your own intuition just makes me feel good and makes life easier.

Unlike some of her other books, Trust Your Vibes doesn't give you weekly exercises that you need to write down. Sometimes when I pick up a book, I want to just read about how to do stuff. I don't always want to do it right now. Of course that's silly of me to say because the whole reason you buy self-help how-to books is to learn how to do something.

Perhaps I'll include a section on things I've tried, etc. There's so much I'd like to go. Okay, I'm rambling, back to the book.

I'm not finished with it yet. Actually, it's a library book - but good enough to buy. She just gives lots of great advice and situations where the advice has applied either in her life or that of her clients.

Another book of hers to check out is Diary of a Psychic. Interesting enjoyable quick read.

Have you read these books? What do you think about them?