Don't Quit Your Day Job

Who hasn't heard that a few times in their life? Did you want to be an artist? A writer? A dancer? An actor?

While you may want to truly work at what you love, it isn't feasible to just quit your day job these days. Unless you've saved up 6 months equivalent of your salary, quitting your job will put more stress on your dream. So, what to do in the meantime while you are waiting for your dream job to start?

  1. Get support. Join a Life Makeover Group at
  2. Make a plan. While this isn't always fun to do, having an escape route can help relieve the stress of working at what you don't enjoy.
  3. Do research. Find others doing what you love and see if it really is for you. Being a painter also involves being a businessman and a sales man/woman because you need to approach people to get your work into galleries. Is this something you are up for?
  4. Share carefully. Don't tell your mother that you want to be a writer if you know she won't support your dream. Talk to people doing what you love, or better yet, get help and support from others on your path. Check out for a great online community.
  5. Pray. Tell the universe. Tell your higher power. Tell the divine. Let it be known what you desire. The universe always says yes. So if you say "I'll never make it", the universe will support you in that. Change your beliefs and you can change your world. How do you start? Pray.
  6. Find time to chill out. Thinking about how you aren't where you want to be can suck the life right out of you. Get a balanced life and take time to relax and enjoy your life. It's the only one you have.
  7. Take tiny baby steps towards your dream. If you think too much about all you have to do, you will overwhelm yourself. It's the little things in life that take us where we want to go. Start doing little things each day to bring you closer to your dream.
  8. Surrender. While doing little things is good, once you do them, you need to rest and let the universe do the rest of the work. Think of it like a harvest. You have to till the soil, plant the seeds, and water the seeds. You can't go watering the seeds all day else you drown the seeds and they rot.