Coaching Rates

If you are interested in coaching, I currently offer monthly coaching at $50 a month for 1 weekly email. Rates increase along with email frequency. Three months of coaching paid upfront via Paypal is $125 where you get one month half price.

We will explore where you want to go with your creativity, what stands in your way, and what concrete steps we can take to help you fulfill your creative dreams.

Why not make a commitment to your creativity and email me today about coaching? I look forward to working with you.

Why should you sign up for creativity coaching?

Signing up for creativity coaching is confirming to yourself and to the universe that your creative dreams matter. Imagine having someone to believe in you, to listen to you, and to help you stay on track. Barbara Sher says that isolation is the dream killer. I believe that to be very true. Don't let your dreams stay in the closet or on the shelf collecting dust.

When you have someone to coach you, someone who is dedicated to your creative success, imagine how far you could go!

Hiring a coach says that you've decided to matter, that your voice counts, that your vision is needed by the world. It also says that you believe your dreams matter, that happiness is what you deserve, and that being creative is a birth right that needs to be explored.

Think about it, take time to reflect, and ask yourself: does my creativity matter? do I have something to share with the world?

What does a creativity coach do?

Creativity coaches support and assist you while you do one of many creative things. A coach helps you look at where you are right now and where you want to go. During the coaching process, you are responsible for creating your own goals. The creativity coach will help you stay on track and provide constant encouragement. At the same time, the coach will help you remain grounded and realistic.