Feeing the Birds, Feeding My Spirit

Blue_jayThis morning I wasn't sure what to do. I have the entire day off, no plans, living by myself, and nothing came to mind. Then I saw the big container of mixed nuts and the one of peanuts sitting on the kitchen table.

The mixed nuts I bought for the holidays, but they weren't devoured as I had hoped. So, they winked at me and hinted of a thicker waist line. Did you know that 3 tablespoons of mixed nuts has 20 grams of fat. Yikes. And 200 calories. Needless to say, I have enough of my own fat - thank you.

So, I decided to feed the squirrels and the birds. The birds came after wards. Blue jays flapping in to gulp not one, not two, but four nuts at a time. These were the peanuts. Swallowing cashews wasn't something they could quickly do.

For probably 15 minutes I sat transfixed by the munching and burying and gobbling. The chasing and skittering away was equally amusing. I even yelled a few times. "There's plenty out there! Stop chasing him away Chubby!"

And before I knew it, a calm had just settled about me. My thoughts of career, the impending snow storm tomorrow, my year's goals... They all just floated away.

Sonia Choquette, one of my favorite authors and psychics, advises to figure out what feeds our soul. Watching nature has always fed my soul, but I've gotten so caught up in my own head that I've simply forgotten about it. For the price of a can of nuts, I can totally rejuvenate my spirit.

What feeds your soul? Do you even know? Make an effort to find out and once you do - keep it up! It's probably much more simple than you may have even realized.

Say Your Prayers

Most of the world believes in some kind of higher power, be it the higher self, the divine, the creator, the holy spirit, or the God/Goddess. If that's the case, how many of us actually ask assistance from that source? I am a very spiritual person and yet I've never really prayed on a daily basis. As a child, I was raised to say my prayers every evening. However, they held little meaning other than something Mom insisted I do.

Now that I'm older, I'm recognizing the power of prayer. Prayer can be thought of as simply telling the universe (or your choice of higher power) your wishes and dreams. There is a big sense of relief and release when you pray in this fashion. You give up a little bit of control. There's a saying that in order to grasp something new, we must release what we are holding onto. By praying, we are inviting help from the universe. More importantly we admit we don't have all the answers. How tiring is it to go around trying to figure everything out all the time? If you believe in a loving God/dess, an intelligent universe, or a supportive divine spirit, then let that higher power do what it loves to do best: help you!

To further my point, imagine if your friend was in desperate need of something you had in abundance. Wouldn't you gladly and wholeheartedly give to that friend? Too many of us sit silently by wishing for things that are within our reach if only we simply ask. When we pray, we are tapping into the abundance of the universe. Also, by releasing our desires and frustrations and fears, we are then open to receive.

Today, think on your higher power. Before you go to bed, just say a simple prayer. If the word prayer itself hold too many connotations you cannot get over, just wish on a star instead. Speaking your dreams and desires out loud if only to yourself is just as powerful. Why not give it a try? Say your prayers. You may find yourself waking up feeling lighter, happier, and more free. And slowly watch your life transform into something magical if not divine.